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Please select the type of payment you are making. For multiple payments, please select the ‘add more payments’ option which will appear on the next screen.

By using the online payment form, you are providing us your personal, property and financial information, for example your name, contact phone number, property details, email address, pet’s details, rate assessment number or credit card details for the purpose of processing a payment and where necessary for Council to conduct its business and/or meet its statutory obligations. Some information may be passed onto relevant financial institutions for your payments to be processed.

Your information may be accessed by business partners, employees, contractors and/or Councillors of Logan City Council and other government agencies for Council business related activities only.

Your information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and may be released to other parties where we are required or authorised by law to do so.
 Payment TypeDescription
Pet registrationRenew your pet registration
 Payment TypeDescription
ApplicationPay for building, development, standpipe, plumbing and drainage applications.
You will need the payment reference number from your notice of account.
 Payment TypeDescription
Animal finesPay an animal fine
Parking fines starting with ‘5’Pay a parking fine starting with a 5
Other parking finesPay other parking fines
All other finesPay another fine
 Payment TypeDescription
LicencePay animal permits, business or food licences, sign permits, extra bins for tenants (Waste, Recycle & Green bins).
 Payment TypeDescription
RatesPay your Rates
 Payment TypeDescription
Accounts ReceivablePay Tax Invoices.
You will need your account number and invoice number from your tax invoice.